For those considering taking the Spiritual Retreat for the first time, and have completed all of the Reiki TUMMO workshop series (Reiki TUMMO Levels 1, 2, 3A, Meditation and Kundalini) OR who have completed all of the Open Heart workshop series (Open Heart Workshop Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), you should register for the following programs:

  1. Inner Heart *
  2. Spiritual Retreat & Master Yoga Package 1 (Masteryoga Preparation+MY 1-1+MY 1-2)

Note *: The Open Heart 6 workshop is considered equivalent to the Inner Heart workshop in terms of fulfilling the prerequisite to attend Spiritual Retreat, so those participants who have already taken OH6 do not need to take Inner Heart workshop. It is, however, strongly recommended as a preparation for the Spiritual Retreat that immediately follows to ensure that you can feel properly with your Inner Heart, especially if it has been a while since taking OH6. All OH6 participants can register as a Repeat Participant for the Inner Heart workshop.

For those who are attending the Spiritual Retreat and/or MRT portion, it is required that you stay at the hotel, even if you live in LA or Orange County. The retreat starts in the morning and continues with evening sessions that may run until 10pm. It also makes a difference to your heart condition if you stay immersed in the Love continuously, rather than leaving to drive through traffic etc.

New Spiritual Retreat participants cannot attend MRT or take Masteryoga Package 2 (MY I-3/I-4). Those are only for the participants who have attended Spiritual Retreat at least once already. (Participants need 2 Spiritual Retreats in order to attend MRT for the first time).