Reiki Tummo 3A (Pre Retreat Activity- taught by Reiki Master)

Cost:  New: $250    Repeat: $25
Prerequisites: Reiki Tummo Level 2. (There is a minimum 21-day waiting period between receiving Level 2 and Level 3A).
Reiki Tummo 3A is offered for those alumni who need this last workshop to complete prerequisites to attend Spiritual Retreat. During Level 3A, the previous attunements are enhanced, and the throat, navel, sacral and base chakras are opened. The kundalini fire reaches at least to the heart chakra. The Shing Chi (8th chakra) attunement is given as a bonus.


Inner Heart

Cost:  New: $200    Repeat: $60
Prerequisites: Reiki Tummo Levels 1, 2, 3A, Meditation and Kundalini OR Open Heart Workshops 1-6
Many ancient spiritual books state that the biggest secret lies in the core of our heart and that is our Inner Heart. Our Inner Heart is the spark of our True Source, it is always pure and always knows the truth.
Inner Heart is offered the day before the Spiritual Retreat and is a prerequisite for Reiki Tummo alumni to attend Spiritual Retreat. During Inner Heart Workshop you have opportunity to understand the heart versus the mind; understand the inner heart; Learn about activating and energizing the inner heart. Learn to let the inner heart to be the director of your life to be closer to Creator.


Spiritual Retreat & Master Yoga Package 1

Cost: New: $495    Repeat: $105
Prerequisites: Reiki Tummo Levels 1, 2, 3A, Meditation and Kundalini and Inner Heart OR Open Heart Workshops 1-6
The journey of your self in terms of spirit, soul and physical being are revealed in multidimensional ways during the Spiritual Retreat. From this point on, we will not "teach" you any longer, instead you will be guided to understand the truth yourself by using your Inner Heart. This learning is not only for your brain, but also for your soul and spirit as well; you can observe how much your spirit grows within this two-day retreat. You will understand the purpose of life and what you should do to fulfill your ultimate destiny.
During the Spiritual Retreat deeper spiritual understandings and advanced Tummo techniques are given to enrich your spiritual practices and prepare you to expand your consciousness towards higher levels. This is a wonderful way to access the blissful freedom of your inner self. Workshops start in the morning and continue after dinner, so be aware that overnight stay is required even for LA locals. If you are taking the Spiritual Retreat for the first time, you will also be registered for the Master Yoga Package 1 which is given during the retreat.
Master Yoga is a long-term program designed for serious spiritual practitioners that aims to complete the kundalini process and help reach self-realization as all major chakras bloom into full lotus form and the kundalini essence unites with the crown chakra. This is not a physical asana yoga class, but deep heart-based workshops that provide the foundation for more advanced courses in the Padmacahaya curriculum. This workshop package includes the Master Yoga Prep/I-1 & I-2 workshops, and should be taken while attending Spiritual Retreat for the first time. The Master Yoga program goes hand-in-hand with the Spiritual Retreat and is considered a crucial part of it, it also  also includes all of the take-home prayers from the event that will help you to keep progressing after the retreat is over.

Mastering Reiki Tummo (MRT)

Cost: New: $250    Repeat: $100
 Prerequisites: Attended Spiritual Retreat 2X, Inner Heart X2, and have prayed Open Heart Prayer a minimum of 15 times on the internet prayer times prior to workshop attendance or in group with senior alumni.
Mastering Reiki Tummo workshop is an advanced step towards understanding the core lessons in all levels of Reiki Tummo. During this workshop, one will learn how to adapt the appropriate attitude of all spiritual lessons. This workshop will enhance every aspect of daily life and improve your practices to the highest level yet. Enjoying the deepest peace, calmness and joy while strengthening your heart and raising your awareness and conscious levels, this workshop will have a powerful impact on all who attend. Workshops start in the morning and continue after dinner, so be aware that overnight stay is required even for LA locals.

Note: If you are taking the MRT for the first time, and have completed Master Yoga 1-2, you should also register for the Master Yoga Package 2 also.


Master Yoga Package 2

Cost: New: $200    Repeat: $5
Prerequisites: Master Yoga I-2 + 14 days practice + 20x Joint/OL Open Heart Prayer after MY I-2
Master Yoga Package 2 continues the program started in the Master Yoga Package 1, offering the Master Yoga I-3 and MYI-4 courses. This workshop series is required to attend more advanced workshops in the Padmacahaya curriculum, such as the True Self and Master Yoga 1-5 retreats, and should be registered for when repeating Spiritual Retreat and/or MRT.


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